A Few Clicks is All it Takes


Source: Pxfuel

Shopping is online.

Marcus Anh, Staff Writer

From games to videos and other online items, nearly everyone knows what digital shopping is and how people are affected by it.

Online shopping is a type of electronic marketing that allows customers to buy items from a market over the internet. Some disadvantages of online shopping are that shoppers cannot physically look at or try on the items. Leif McFerson, a seventh-grader at McAuliffe Middle School, comments, “I think it is better to shop at actual stores because there is no price for shipping.”

Online shoppers usually cannot bargain for a better price online, yet in local markets and stores, shoppers can. This form of shopping can also shut down businesses because no one will enter the store. Some advantages of shopping the internet are that the stores are rarely closed and online shopping does not take up as much time. Online shoppers save on gas and people do not have to worry about parking. There is usually more variety in online shopping and better discounts. Eli Krischoff, a seventh-grader attending McAuliffe Middle School states, “I think online shopping is better because sometimes I can get things cheaper online instead of the actual place.”

The many advantages of online shopping are the main reason for its growing popularity. This holds for online clothes shopping as well. At an online store, buyers can scroll through an endless variety of items as the latest fashion.

In conclusion, the world is evolving, shopping included. Currently, online shopping is the only option many of us have, so this trend will most likely continue to grow even more. The online world is moving faster than we may even realize.