For the Gamers


Nathan Tang, Editor

Although you can read news articles and patch notes for this, here it is on a school news website; an update on a few of the more popular video games. From the latest Minecraft snapshot to the newest hero in Overwatch 2 to a new way to play competitive Valorant. These games are introducing new ways to play the game and are also very popular.

Minecraft 1.20 “Trails and Tales” Java Edition snapshots look to be promising with new structures, items, mechanics, and a biome. The new archeology mechanic adds a new way to discover new pottery items. Look out for suspicious sand at a variety of pre-existing structures. Each structure will carry different designs for these new pots. The newest biome includes cherry blossom trees. These Sakura trees introduce a new wood type and leaf type. Both are vibrant pink colors and can be obtained in the new biome. Bamboo also gains some new purposes. The new bamboo wood type can be used like any other wood. Two new mobs will be introduced in the new update. Camels are ridable mobs found in the desert that can be equipped with a saddle and ridden by two people. The sniffer will also be introduced as it won the 2022 mob vote. Along with the significant changes come many minor changes. Armor trims add new designs to be added on top of armor as a way to splice up the design. Bookshelves now serve a useful purpose. Chiseled bookshelves can hold up to six books. Skulk sensors received a major improvement in the ability to calibrate them. Calibrated skulk sensors add a way to only send a signal from a specific sound level.

Overwatch 2’s newest support hero, Lifeweaver, dropped on April 11th with Season 4. Lifeweaver originates from Thailand and is themed around biotechnology. His primary healing is a charged shot that locks onto teammates. His main source of damage comes from his two-shot rapid fire that does five damage per thorn. His first ability is a projectile that creates a flower petal that can lift players in the air like an elevator. His second ability is a small dash that also regenerates a small amount of health. His third ability allows him to pull teammates to his location. Finally, his ultimate is a huge tree that regenerates health over time and can be used as a cover and blocks line of sight from many different abilities. Many quality-of-life changes were also implemented. Getting staggered because of forward spawn is now a thing of the past. If you get stuck in your old spawn when playing attack, clicking interact now sends you to the team’s new spawn. Competitive players can now rejoice as rank decay and map pools have been removed. Your new rank this season displays your hidden MMR correctly. Getting your favorite map now might be harder but every map is now playable. Now you can get Junkertown, Antarctic Peninsula, and New Queens Street back to back.

Riot Games recently announced the newest feature coming to Valorant, Premier. Premier is a tournament system where you and your five stack go up against the other five stacks for a chance to qualify for the playoff tournament. You will play up to 2 matches a week. Any player from any rank can play as long as you have a team. Playing games earns you Premier Points. More for winning and none if you don’t play. Your Premier Score determines if you qualify for the playoffs. Typically, Premier would last for the entirety of each Act but the beta will only last a month.

Now you will not need to read the patch notes, at least for these three games, to be caught up with the most recent updates. Now you know which new mobs to look for when 1.20 comes out and how to play Lifeweaver when you unlock him through the battlepass. Let us know what games you want to see next. Good luck with your games and be kind to others.