Black History Month Recap!


Our Black History Month Jeopardy contestants (Roman, Anthony, Naomi, and Ariel).

Ella Mendoza, Reporter

To celebrate Black History Month, ASB set up many fun events! First, ASB held a Black History Month movie day. Students came to watch Hidden Figures and enjoy popcorn after school. The movie takes place in the early 1960s and is based on a true story. Hidden Figures is about the struggles three female African-American engineers face because of their race and gender. The women prove how smart, determined, and impactful they are, despite being racially discriminated against.

ASB also held a Black History Month Jeopardy event! In their classrooms, history teachers had their students play a Kahoot about Black History Month. These top students competed by answering questions until we determined our 4 finalists. The finalists were Naomi Dixon (7th grade), Anthony Feliciano (8th grade), Roman Ornelas (7th grade), and Ariel Layne (7th grade).

Many students came to watch and support the finalists compete after school. Everyone did an amazing job answering the questions, but Naomi took the lead followed by Anthony. When it came down to the final question, there was lots of excitement. Naomi and Anthony wagered parts of their score while Roman and Ariel wagered everything they had. The final question was incorrectly answered by all contestants, but after subtracting the wagers, Naomi was the winner. Anthony got second place and Roman and Ariel tied for third. When asked what she thought of the Jeopardy event, Naomi Dixon said, “It was very educational!” Corrina Chang, a 7th grader at McAuliffe, also said, “It was a great event and everyone was super supportive!”

Finally, ASB set up a poster bookmark display. The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) committee picked books celebrating Black History Month and then created bookmarks about them. The poster was displayed in the library to help promote the books and many kids chose to check them out. The six books highlighted were Dear Martin, The Hate You Give, Shuri, Ghost Squad, Turning 15 on the Road to Freedom, and One Crazy Summer. Be sure to check them out in the Media Center if you haven’t yet.