Swihart Surrealism Project


Sebastian Martinez, Reporter

Q:  What techniques did you use for this project – talk about linear perspective for collaging.
Q: Do you like surrealism? Can you infer (find) meaning in your piece with the images you chose?

Maksym Yoon

A: I used linear perspective to make it look like you are in the room and I also lined up everything to the vanishing point so they look 3d. I think that surrealism is fun because you can express your feelings and what you like. The images I chose all symbolize something, for example, the eye looking down at you because when I go to sleep I feel like someone is watching me. I put the snake because I always loved snakes when I was younger.

Dylan Tuomala

A: A technique I used for my Surreal Room project was linear perspective. The way we utilized it was to make sure the room proportions were correct and intersected to the center of the room so that when we added images it looked like someone would get sucked into some kind of surreal portal of random, weird things. I like the surreal style of art because of how weird and dreamlike it is. The pictures that were displayed in my room were a lot of eyes and other body parts that I just fit together, with a weird-looking deer and an elderly man with a kissing face. I tried to make the deer and elderly man look even weirder because of the positions the images were in by adding arms or other body parts to fit in with the pictures. Overall, I think what my surreal room shows is how weird and kooky things can be, or sometimes just random in general.

Isabella Patterson

A: This painting was incredibly fun. We learned of the “feathering” method, which helps blend colors a lot easier. I learned to be quick with my brush strokes to not let the paint dry. Tips I can give is to be certain of how you want to do it, go for it! This will help because it’ll make less space for mistakes and it will help you be more decisive.

Sarah Nowell

A: My piece is about how you can tend to zone out and the feeling behind it. When you zone out, you tend to go somewhere else, perhaps you feel comfort, or perhaps you feel isolated. Whatever you feel is how you see my painting. I abstracted a photo from a magazine that included a chair, D.N.A., and tie-dye. I gave them “character” and placed them to create a cohesive painting.