For the Daring and Adventurous


Nathan Tang, Editor

As the second installment of the gamer update, here are a few games that were requested by other students. All of these games follow an intense and ever-evolving story that is full of action.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is the latest installment of The Legend of Zelda series. The storyline in this game comes after the events of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In Tears of the Kingdom, the true calamity is awakened and the entire timeline of The Legend of Zelda and all 29 games reoccurs for eternity. Besides the whole lore of The Legend of Zelda being fixed, many new features and gameplay changes exist. The most significant new feature is Ultrahand. Ultrahand allows you to engineer things to your heart’s content… as long as you have the necessary materials. Traversing the entire map has never been easier thanks to the endless possibilities of Ultrahand. Another great ability is Fuse. Fuse allows you to combine weapons and other materials to create a monster of a weapon. Fusing certain items provide additional stats like extra attack or the chance to block damage when you usually wouldn’t be able to. Another pretty useful skill is Ascend. This allows Link to jump through the terrain above him. It works similarly to the escape rope in all the Pokemon games. The last new skill is Recall. Unlike Tracer’s recall ability from Overwatch 2, this ability only reverses the trajectory of an object rather than making it go back in time. This allows him to throw certain projectiles back at his enemies. Many aspects of the map and where you can traverse have also changed. Sky Islands can now be found around the map in various places. The Depths is a massive cave system that can be traversed and is where a few new armor sets can be obtained. Many changes have also been changed to the surface of Hyrule. Multiple structures have been removed while new locations have been added. Many villages have also expanded and flourished in the time since the events of Breath of the Wild. This is only scratching the surface of Tears of the Kingdom. There is much for you to explore on your adventure.

Honkai: Star Rail is the newest Hoyoverse game and a spin-off to Honkai Impact 3rd. Star Rail is a turn-based RPG that takes you across the galaxy with the help of the members of the Astral Express. The game was released on April 26th and has already seen over 20 million downloads. The game owes its popularity to the success of Genshin Impact. Version 1.0 included two limited banner five-star characters, Seele (pronounced zee la) and Jing Yuan (pronounced jing you on). Seele is a Quantum Hunt character meaning she deals quantum damage and excels at high single-target damage. Seele’s passive ability allows you to attack consecutively if you defeat an enemy. Jing Yuan on the other hand is a Lightning Erudition character meaning he deals lighting damage and deals less single-target damage but amazing multi-target damage. Jing Yuan’s passive ability summons the Lightning Lord at the beginning of a battle. The Lighting Lord starts with three hits but can gain more with Jing Yuan using his skill and ultimate ability. The Lighting Lord starts with 60 base speed but gradually increases with the number of hits it has. Once it is the Lighting Lord’s turn to attack, it hits a random target and the targets adjacent to it. This happens once per stack the Lighting Lord has and is all in one turn. Version 1.0 also included one event in which you would face a series of enemies in a fighting rink. In version 1.1, which comes out on June 7th, three new characters will be released. Two five-star characters, Silver Wolf and Luocha, and one four-star character, Yukong. Silver Wolf is a Quantum Nihility character which means she deals quantum damage and debuffs the enemy. Luocha is an Imaginary Abundance character which means he can deal imaginary damage and can heal his teammates based on his attack stat. Last but not least, Yukong is an Imaginary Harmony character which means she can deal imaginary and can also buff her allies’ damage potential. With new characters come new events. The five new events include Starhunt Game, Everwinter City Museum Ledger of Curiosities, Stellar Flare, Lab Assistants in Position, and Stellar Flare. Not much is known about these events besides that many take place on Herta’s Space Station and Belobog. Speaking of Belobog, a new museum location will be added to the overworld of Belobog. Star Rail is just beginning and has a lot more to go. There are endless planets that the members of the Astral Express can visit. The question is, where next?

Elden Ring DLC: Shadow of the Erdtree is still in development but seems to be a full-blown expansion of the base game. Leaks about the DLC originally suggested that there were two DLCs in development. One of the DLCs was canceled which could possibly lead to one massive DLC. The canceled expansion was a small callosum update that focused on PvP rather than PvE. Shadow of the Erdtree is supposed to introduce new areas, add new items, new entities, and possibly more story quests. Not much is known about the DLC but many have a few theories. Much is to be discovered yet little is known.

From the adventures of Link to the path of the Astral Express to a world of the unknown. The adventure is yours as the journey continues.