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2019-2020 Staff

Staff MemberStaff Position
Mona TaylorEditor-in-Chief and Staff WriterSee Mona Taylor's profile
See Mona Taylor's profile
Dana KimEditor-in-Chief and Staff WriterSee Dana Kim's profile
See Dana Kim's profile
Emma ViscontiAssistant Editor and Staff WriterSee Emma Visconti's profile
See Emma Visconti's profile
Hala EssayliAssistant Editor and Staff WriterSee Hala Essayli's profile
See Hala Essayli's profile
Payton RofeCopy Editor and Staff WriterSee Payton Rofe's profile
See Payton Rofe's profile
Logan PeiCopy Editor and Staff WriterSee Logan Pei's profile
See Logan Pei's profile
Ava SwietlikowskiStaff WriterSee Ava Swietlikowski's profile
See Ava Swietlikowski's profile
Ivy SowersStaff WriterSee Ivy Sowers's profile
See Ivy Sowers's profile
Jacob SincockStaff WriterSee Jacob Sincock's profile
See Jacob Sincock's profile
Serenity PowellStaff WriterSee Serenity Powell's profile
See Serenity Powell's profile
Heather PhillipsStaff WriterSee Heather Phillips's profile
See Heather Phillips's profile
Nathan OtazuStaff WriterSee Nathan Otazu's profile
See Nathan Otazu's profile
Daniel PadillaStaff WriterSee Daniel Padilla's profile
See Daniel Padilla's profile
Matthew LimStaff WriterSee Matthew Lim's profile
See Matthew Lim's profile
Jasmine LeeStaff WriterSee Jasmine Lee's profile
See Jasmine Lee's profile
Ethan LeeStaff WriterSee Ethan Lee's profile
See Ethan Lee's profile
Caroline KernsStaff WriterSee Caroline Kerns's profile
See Caroline Kerns's profile
Maleah FennesseyStaff WriterSee Maleah Fennessey's profile
See Maleah Fennessey's profile
Joshua DuranStaff WriterSee Joshua Duran's profile
See Joshua Duran's profile
Ryder DoddStaff WriterSee Ryder Dodd's profile
See Ryder Dodd's profile
Kedric DelaneyStaff WriterSee Kedric Delaney's profile
See Kedric Delaney's profile
Ally CrosbyStaff WriterSee Ally Crosby's profile
See Ally Crosby's profile
Marcus AnhStaff WriterSee Marcus Anh's profile
See Marcus Anh's profile
Lola BurkeCartoonistSee Lola Burke's profile
See Lola Burke's profile
Nathan YeeStaff Writer and Copy EditorSee Nathan Yee's profile
See Nathan Yee's profile
Meaghan FishCopy Editor and CartoonistSee Meaghan Fish's profile
See Meaghan Fish's profile
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