The Birdwatch

  • Emiko T. You are so awesome and kind. You always make me smile and laugh. Thank you.-Katherine (Katie) Arnoult
  • Birdwatch Staff-Congratulations on an incredible launch year of The Birdwatch! Bravo! -Mrs. LeTourneau
  • To my 3 Musketeers..This is a shout out to all my 8th graders who have been my students for the last 3 years! Congrats!Mrs. Pagett
  • To: Ms. Bellinder Thanks for sharing a glimpse of the fun you have had in class with your end of the year video!The Pagetts
  • I'm so proud of my Birdwatchers! I'll miss you all! <3 Ms. B :)
  • To: Class of 2025 Congrats guys! We're almost done with Middle School! One year left. We can probably do this! From: Anonymous
  • To: Maddex Urbina Miss you bro, can't wait to see you again! From: Bryan
  • Ms. Copeland is an amazing teacher, and I'm glad she's the teacher I had for Core this year! :) From: Meaghan Fish
  • MY MOM DESERVES THE WORLD! I love her so much! And thank her for everything she does for our family everyday. From: Sineem Majeed
  • To: Mia, Milo, Olivia, Gabby, Rachel, and Alyssa. Thanks for being so flexible in all the things I ask you to do in our group projects for choir! :)From: Kassidy Fox
  • To: The McAuliffe Admin Team, Parent Team, and Students Thank you for a FANTASTIC Teacher Appreciation Week!From: Mrs. Hearn :)
  • To: Annika, Kiera, and Sundehi Hi guys! I miss you guys so much and can't wait to see you guys over the summer again! (.づ◡﹏◡)づ. Karlie Nguyen"
  • To: Mr. Lynes Mr. Lynes is a very caring teacher. He is committed and dedicated to his job. Thank you Mr. Lynes! From: Kiera Wong
  • To: Mrs. Armstrong I really miss being in your class. Wishing you joy and happiness.You are the best teacher EVER!! -Gianmarco Mendoza
  • To: Natalia Rife I miss you so much and I cant wait to see you and hang out after all of this corona stuff is over! From: Natalie
  • Jordyn Baker & Ava Tello-Congrats on your acceptance into OCSA! So proud of you! -Mrs. Armstrong
  • To all the McAuliffe eagles! I miss seeing all of you guys at school! Hope to see everyone healthy and safe! -Yara Saadeh
  • Dr.Weiss-Wright-Thank you for making me smile everyday with the morning announcements! They are awesome! Thank you! -Yara Saadeh
  • The Administration team! I love the morning announcements you post everyday! They brighten my day! Hope to see everyone soon! -Yara Saadeh
  • Mrs.Hearn has been helping me get through this quarantine with her warm smiles! She is awesome! -Yara Saadeh

2019-2020 Staff

Staff MemberStaff Position
Mona TaylorEditor-in-Chief and Staff WriterSee Mona Taylor's profile
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Dana KimEditor-in-Chief and Staff WriterSee Dana Kim's profile
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Emma ViscontiAssistant Editor and Staff WriterSee Emma Visconti's profile
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Hala EssayliAssistant Editor and Staff WriterSee Hala Essayli's profile
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Payton RofeCopy Editor and Staff WriterSee Payton Rofe's profile
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Logan PeiCopy Editor and Staff WriterSee Logan Pei's profile
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Ava SwietlikowskiStaff WriterSee Ava Swietlikowski's profile
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Ivy SowersStaff WriterSee Ivy Sowers's profile
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Jacob SincockStaff WriterSee Jacob Sincock's profile
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Serenity PowellStaff WriterSee Serenity Powell's profile
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Heather PhillipsStaff WriterSee Heather Phillips's profile
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Nathan OtazuStaff WriterSee Nathan Otazu's profile
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Daniel PadillaStaff WriterSee Daniel Padilla's profile
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Matthew LimStaff WriterSee Matthew Lim's profile
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Jasmine LeeStaff WriterSee Jasmine Lee's profile
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Ethan LeeStaff WriterSee Ethan Lee's profile
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Caroline KernsStaff WriterSee Caroline Kerns's profile
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Maleah FennesseyStaff WriterSee Maleah Fennessey's profile
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Joshua DuranStaff WriterSee Joshua Duran's profile
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Ryder DoddStaff WriterSee Ryder Dodd's profile
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Kedric DelaneyStaff WriterSee Kedric Delaney's profile
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Ally CrosbyStaff WriterSee Ally Crosby's profile
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Marcus AnhStaff WriterSee Marcus Anh's profile
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Lola BurkeCartoonistSee Lola Burke's profile
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Nathan YeeStaff Writer and Copy EditorSee Nathan Yee's profile
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Meaghan FishCopy Editor and CartoonistSee Meaghan Fish's profile
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