Lip Syncing Serenade


Alyssa Mathews, Writer

McAuliffe students took the floor in a lip sync battle on January 20th as they competed to win the grand prize of one hundred dollars. Contestants were judged by McAuliffe’s celebrity judges, Ms. Schwarz, Mr. Thomson, and Mrs. LeTourneau along with celebrity host Keith Jones who added funny anecdotes as they all judged the contestants. A variety of songs from different genres were performed including Six Wives performed by Lumi Walker, Manav Satish Kumar, Aubrey Grant, and Zachary Albrarran and Sweet Escape performed by Jaylean Santillian. Students performed their dance routines with unique moves that complemented the songs.

In order to compete, contestants had to sign into a google classroom and submit a one minute long video featuring themselves lip singing to their song of choice. There was a run through of the competition a few days before the event took place. 

 The creative songs chosen by constants featured dances that left the audience amazed with the talent of those on stage. The performers interacted with the audience through displaying their unique talents like the splits and some getting even more involved with the audience like when the performer of the act Single Ladies, Danica Rodriguez came down the stage to dance with the audience. 

The audience was given one ticket to vote for their favorite acts. There was a first, second, third, and fourth place winner. The first place winners were Alyssa Wiitanen, Tasha Johnson, Paige Irish, and Brynnley Evink, for their unique spin on the song Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper. Second place was awarded to Don’t Speak performed by Jaylean Santillian and Jessy Mata who made their performance fun and creative for the audience. Third place was a Taylor Swift classic, Our Song which was performed by Payson Bassett, Aven Johnson and Lauren Rohndenburg. Fourth place was awarded to Danica Rodrigues for her performance Single Ladies by Beyonce which included stunning dance moves and lots of enthusiasm for her act.

 One of the first place winners Alyssa Wiitanen said that she thought it was ,” cool that they won. “ and said that she felt her act included a lot of energy and expression that the audience enjoyed. They spent a lot of time choreographing and practicing for the show. beforehand. Celebrity Judge Mrs. LeTourneau said that ,” It told a story and they had the whole package. They were dressed great and it was a really fun song.” I’m sure next time we see this impressive lineup of performers, the whole world will be buying tickets to see them!