The Birdwatch

  • Edward Baird has Won the Contest of Guessing How Many Candy Corn Were in the Jar
  • Slade Harp Has Won the Contest of Guessing How Many Eyeballs Were in the Jar!
  • Check out the Hispanic Heritage month posters on campus!
  • Come check out our new Birdwatch articles!
  • Hope you had a great time during Peace Week!
  • Go vote on our polls right now!
  • Check out the water balloon toss now!


The Birdwatch is McAuliffe’s very first online news publication and has been around since 2019. The site is run by the 3 staff writers in the BirdWatch committee within ASB, along with the adviser, a former McAuliffe Eagle.  Stories about the latest McAuliffe events, local news, and much more will be published at least every two weeks. Stay tuned!

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