Parks and Recrea-stun!


Source: Bago Games

The quirky cast of Parks and Recreation.

Logan Pei, Staff Writer and Copy Editor

While Greg Daniels and Michael Schur were gaining fame as “The Office” creators, they decided to start a new show midway through the release of “The Office.” Some critics would claim “Parks and Recreation” became even more popular than its predecessor. 

This show was first aired on April 9, 2009. It had a long run of seven seasons and a score of 92% on Rotten Tomatoes. The final season ended in 2013. 

The main character on “Parks and Recreation” is Leslie Knope who has big and lofty dreams for her hometown of Pawnee, Indiana. Tom Haverford, Andy Dwyer, April Ludgate, Ron Swanson, Ann Perkins and many others work to help her achieve those dreams. This show features crazy murals, a wacky government, a horse named Lil Sebastian, a Unity Concert and a plethora of other eccentric items. Overall, the show is full of ups and downs and is driven by its quirky cast.

To Matthew Futami, a McAuliffe eighth-grader, the best parts of “Parks and Rec” are “the humor and Ron Swanson. That is all you need.” 

Emie Fell, another McAuliffe eighth-grader, said her favorite part was “Ron Swanson.” Judging from these interviews, there is an obvious fan favorite.

One of the most memorable pieces of the show is that most of the people are completely oblivious to the real world, so the people that are more in-touch with reality have to bring them back down to earth. This makes the show have more unique character dynamics than some other comedy shows. 

“Parks and Recreation” is a very critically acclaimed show with a large fanbase. Some people are still die-hard “The Office” fans, but the reviews and analytics show that more people prefer “Parks and Rec.” Even Schur, one of the creators, thought that “P&R” was much better than its predecessor.