Was It Worth It?


Mrs. Vienna, Assistant Principal

McAuliffe students jumping in a bounce house at the Day of Awesomeness for Step It Up.

Ryder Dodd, Staff Writer

Step It Up is a fundraiser that is held in order to raise money for McAuliffe Middle School. Additionally, the Day of Awesomeness is a reward for students who raised sixty dollars or more for the fundraiser. This event took place on Thursday, October 3rd from first to fourth period on the McAuliffe field.

Most people who went to the Day of Awesomeness thought it would have good music, be a way to have fun, and get away from their classes. What they got was relaxation and tons of fun. The Day of Awesomeness included shaved ice from Kona Ice, a variety of bounce houses and multiple ways to win prizes, all set up on the McAuliffe P.E. field.

Nathan Otazu said, “The music was boring and was pretty old and along with that the rides were the same as sixth grade and seventh grade.” Otazu later added that the shaved ice was the same as sixth and seventh too.

Andrew Volk said, “…the relaxation and skipping my periods were the best part of the whole thing because I had a test in one of my classes.” The people attending Day of Awesomeness were having fun by racing each other in obstacle courses and had the chance to spin the wheel with all sorts of prizes on it. Volk said, “It was one of the best times and best experiences I had ever had at school.” 

When talking to Otazu and Volk they seemed to have different opinions on their experiences of the event. Also, when approaching other kids at the event they all had different opinions on what it was like. However, overall, it seems like the Day of Awesomeness was a success and some kids can’t wait until next year.