Women’s Month Recap!


Katelin Tang

Sixth graders enjoying ASB’s movie event showing of Brave.

Madison Quary, Reporter

This month was Women’s History Month and ASB hosted fun activities that students could come to or interact with around campus. ASB held a Women’s History Month movie day in room 9 where students came to watch the movie Brave. This movie is based on a young girl named Merida, who is a very good archer, and wants something different in her life rather than a traditional woman’s role and an arranged marriage. When her mother becomes cursed and turned into a bear it is up to Merida to save their kingdom. This movie displays the courage and fight of a strong girl throughout this challenging time. 

During the movie, students also had the option to write letters to important women in their life. This could be a teacher, mother, sister or any woman who had impacted them in any way. Students were able to decorate the letter and send it to whoever they pleased.

We asked students who attended the movie event what they thought about it and one person said, “It was fun, we got to have free popcorn and candy. Also, it was the perfect movie for Women’s History Month.” Ella Mendoza, a seventh grader in ASB’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) committee, also stated, “It was a very fun event and shared a great message for Women’s History Month.”

Lastly, ASB created an informational slide on Women’s History Month. This slide includes a variety of facts that apply to women in the world who have made a big impact in some way. In the grade-level Google Classroom, the DEI committee has also created a Google Quiz students can take to be entered into a raffle. If you win the raffle, a goody bag will be delivered to your classroom. Good luck! The last day to be entered into the raffle is Friday, March 31st.