My Time In Journalism


Digital journalism word art.

Kai Matsumoto, Staff Writer

I believe joining ASB was one of the best decisions of my eighth-grade year, and being a part of the Journalism committee was a wonderful experience. After the first ASB meeting before the school year, I knew ASB was going to be a thrill.

This year’s journalism committee was a small group of three people, Jason Khan, Katie Arnoult, and me. Khan and I were new to ASB, so we had to take a crash course in journalism and learn the aspects of making an article. Though it sounds challenging, it is easy as long as you use your time wisely.

My first story was on ASB’s first event, Spirit Week. I thought I had done pretty well for never doing anything journalism-related beforehand for my first article. I quickly learned that these stories take quite some time and require extra time outside of school to be well written. Though I played on a travel hockey team and had several games and practices throughout the week and weekend, some advice I should have taken more seriously was school first, fun and games later. I had trouble keeping a consistent schedule throughout the school year, making it hard to create articles, finish homework, and travel to practices and games. I know now that school should and always be the number one priority.

Some advice I would have for future journalism students is to always stay on task and be responsible with your time.  As long as you use the time in class and your free time wisely, you should be able to complete articles well before the assigned due date.  Finishing it beforehand will allow you to have some more free time during class to do other work and start a new article early.

I believe high school will be quite the experience, with sports, classes, and a whole lot of clubs.  It will be exciting because there are so much more things to explore in high school, as well as meeting new people and learning so many new things.

My three years at McAuliffe are finally coming to an end, and though it was quite an experience with online school, masks and weird schedules, it was an exciting and wild ride.  I had so much fun being a part of ASB and writing all of these articles. I learned so much during my time with journalism and ASB, and I know the skills I learned will be helpful in the future.