LAHS Ask a Griffin Column: Class Queries Q&A



Blank class schedule.

Bella Kim, Advisor

Q: Is there a lot of homework/tests/quizzes?

A: Expect daily homework from all your classes, although the amount of work varies per teacher, and a quiz or test at least once every week. 

Q: Is this high school highly [recommended]?

A: LAHS is well known for its football team and award-winning choirs, but it also has a 98% graduation rate, according to U.S. News, which is well above the state average. 

Q: What’s the hardest class?

A: The difficulty of classes depends on the person, but Honors and AP classes have a significantly higher workload than regular courses. Since AP classes teach a college-level curriculum, the learning pace is faster and there are more essays and tests. 

Q: [H]ow different is high school from middle school[?]

A: Independence is required more in high school than in middle school. High school teachers expect their students to study and prepare for exams on their own, and most do not constantly remind you when assignments are due. 

Q: What classes are there?

A: In addition to the required English, math, science, and history classes, LAHS has a wide variety of sports and electives in athletic, visual and performing art, S.T.E.M., leadership and other categories. Eighth graders receive the detailed class manual before they leave McAuliffe. 

Q: What activities are there?

A: There are numerous clubs during lunch and dances hosted by ASB spaced throughout the school year. ASB also organizes spirit weeks and lunch activities/games. Football games are every Friday or Thursday, and other sports games are also after school during the week. 

Q: How many classes do you have?

A: Six, unless you have a zero period class or leave after fifth period for a sport. Some seniors also get out early because they have filled their class requirements.  

Q: [A]re lockers bigger in high school[?]

A: Actually, lockers seem to be smaller at LAHS, and not all students use their lockers. Some opt out of receiving a locker at the beginning of the year. It is not required to put your backpack in your locker for PE depending on what class you take for it, so most people just carry their required materials and their bag all day.  

Q: How long is the school day?

A: 7:50 to 2:37 on a normal day, so a little less than seven hours. People with a zero period or seventh period have a longer day. School starts at 8:32 on late-start Wednesdays and periods are ten minutes shorter. The day is also shorter on early dismissal and assembly days.

Q: Do you get to get out of school and buy your own lunch?

A: Juniors and seniors with Off-Campus Lunch Permits and parent permission can leave campus for lunch. 

Q: How many years does it take to graduate?

A: Four

Q: Does the high school have a Birdwatch?

A: LAHS has an online newspaper called The Griffin Chronicle that is not currently running because the journalism elective was cancelled due to lack of interest. Students are trying to reinstate the class.