A Chance to Explore Leadership


Katie Arnoult

A photo of a Leadership Club poster on campus.

Katie Arnoult, Staff Writer

This year, sixth and seventh-grade students at McAuliffe have been given the opportunity to explore Leadership in a fun and interactive way: the Leadership Club. 

Recently opened, the Leadership Club is a group that meets online every other Wednesday after school. Students in both sixth and seventh grade can participate. “In the Leadership Club, it’s a place where you can share ideas and impact everybody’s time at McAuliffe,” explains Addie Bousard, a director of the club, as well as a member of the Student Liason committee in McAuliffe ASB. 

According to Bousard, there are about 15 participants in the club, but she adds that only a few meetings have taken place so far and she predicts that more students will join in the future. Some activities that the club does are sharing ideas and helping ASB with events. During the beginning, participants did a “name game,” as well as sharing one fun fact about themselves. “We basically share ideas, and they take them into consideration, and they will give you feedback on it,” shares sixth grade student Tasha Johnson, a Leadership Club participant. 

A reason why Johnson decided to join the club is because there was something similar to it at her elementary school, Los Alamitos Elementary, and it sounded fun and intriguing. She explains that the club at McAuliffe is different from the first one, because there are no regulations, and you can share ideas freely. Johnson says that she recommends the [McAuliffe] Leadership Club to all her friends. According to her, it is a fun experience and you can make new friends, as well as meeting old friends, too. 

During the club meetings, many ideas have been cast out, suggesting new things that ASB could do, or what they could do differently. “My favorite part of the Leadership Club is getting to hear all the member’s great ideas,” Bousard states. Surprisingly, some participants have even suggested new electives for the future school years. 

There is a lot to look forward to in the Leadership Club, according to Bousard. There are new friends, the opportunity to know in advance what ASB is planning and seeing shared ideas come to life around campus. 

Overall, the Leadership Club gives students the fun opportunity to explore ASB, go behind the scenes at McAuliffe and make new friends. For students who want to make a difference and learn about ASB, the Leadership Club is right for them!