One Incredible Heritage


Photo by Sydney Rae on Unsplash

A pair of Hispanic dancers.

Maleah Fennessey, Staff Writer

Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to honor any Latinx/Chicanx roots in families and to memorialize the big accomplishments of these communities. McAuliffe is taking time this year to celebrate this interestingly-scheduled month.

Something worth mentioning is that the month takes place from September 15 through October 15, rather than over one solid month. This is because September 15 is the day on which Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and others gained their independence from Spain. It started as Hispanic Heritage Week in 1968 when President Lyndon Johnson was in office, but it later became Hispanic Heritage Month under President Ronald Reagan, a far more extensive celebration.

Many people credit the creation of America to the English, coming from the Mayflower and settling in what is now Virginia. While this is true, the Spanish also had a massive influence on the U.S., especially in California. California is partially known for its missions, almost-self-sustaining places where missionaries were sent to convert native people to Christianity. The settling of America from many other countries is what formed its signature “melting pot” culture.

This year, McAuliffe ASB is taking some extra time to draw attention to our Hispanic roots. An activity is being pushed out this week through the grade-level Google Classrooms for students to  learn more about Hispanic Heritage Month. If you watch the video provided and get all four quiz questions correct, your name will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win a free Taco Surf lunch of your choice!

Additionally, posters with information about Hispanic leaders, food, and celebrations are now hanging around the McAuliffe campus. Regardless of whether you win or even take the quiz, it always feels great to learn about something new. Remember to check the activities out as soon as possible, but don’t feel too rushed; everything is staying open until the 15th.

So, this October, take the time to think about where you came from and honor any Hispanic roots you may have. Additionally, even though a month is designated for this, it never hurts to be proud all year round.