McAuliffe’s Time to Shine


Source: Mrs. Vienna

Dr. Weiss-Wright, Ms. Bellendir, and Birdwatch staffers at the Los Alamitos Unified School District board meeting.

Nathan Otazu, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, October 29, McAuliffe Middle School presented to the Los Alamitos Unified School Board at the district office about all of the feats they achieved over the year.

Dr. Weiss-Wright’s presentation caught the board members’ attention by mentioning a range of McAuliffe’s accomplishments. For example, McAuliffe’s first journalism class was recognized as a beneficial new elective, and two board members, Marlys Davidson and Karen Russell, remarked on how journalism will help students with any career path they take. Davidson stated, “My heart will always be with McAuliffe because I taught there for 23 years, but I think what McAuliffe is doing is forward-thinking and how students are able to reach out to so many sources [is beneficial].”  

Two journalism students, Editors-in-Chief Dana Kim and Mona Taylor, attended the meeting and presented on what The Birdwatch is doing in class and how journalism is preparing students for future endeavors. Afterward, Dr. Weiss-Wright stated, “I was very impressed by the students and how they remembered all their lines. The students covered everything in their presentation.”

Furthermore, Dr. Weiss-Wright also recognized McAuliffe’s visual arts programs, parent and community involvement, and instrumental music. Additionally, he remarked on McAuliffe’s outstanding test scores. McAuliffe placed 6th in Orange County for English language arts and 14th for math on the 2019 CAASPP tests. 

Davidson seemed impressed by Mcauliffe’s achievements, adding, “I think McAuliffe is teaching with joy, and learning to care about others, and that’s what I admire the most. The debate team and the robotics team…I think the debate [team] is very important because you learn how to argue respectfully, and the robotics team [competes] in tournaments.”

The board also reported on various community events during the meeting, such as a recent blood drive event in Los Alamitos and Red Ribbon Week, which LAUSD schools participated in last month. President Diana Hill mentioned that she enjoyed seeing the red ribbons on poles throughout the community that week. Overall, the board meeting was a success for everyone involved and proved that McAuliffe Eagles truly do soar above the rest!