The Freshman Perspective- What Incoming Griffins Need to Know For the Next Year


Katie Arnoult

The view of the LAHS campus during passing period from the third story of the new STEM building.

Katie Arnoult, Advisor

Middle school is one thing. However, high school is a whole other level. We all learn that one way or another when our eighth-grade year ends and our new life as a high school student begins. But we should not let this thought hinder us as we step into a season of our lives full of amazing opportunities and new memories as Los Alamitos Griffins.

Incoming freshmen have a bounty of things to consider when starting high school such as “What kind of electives do I want to do?”, “Am I ready for this honors class or not?”, “Where will I meet my friends during lunch?”, and so on. Yes, it is important to ponder all of these things, but not every question needs to be answered immediately. During your Link Crew Freshman Orientation in August, you can ask as many questions about high school as you want when the LAHS Link Crew team gives you and your fellow freshmen a tour of the campus.

You will continue to be told that the teachers, administrators, counselors, and other staff members at Los Al are there to help and support you; this is true, and not a cliché whatsoever. Do not be afraid to ask your new English teacher where your next class is located if you cannot remember. Your math teacher will not shame you when you tell them that you are not feeling well and need to use the restroom. Your counselor will understand and listen to you when you tell them about how much you are struggling in a certain class, because they may be able to help you find an alternative solution. 

Furthermore, let us not forget that staff members are not the only ones who are willing to lend a helping hand to the freshmen. Your fellow Griffins in the upper grades will be eager to meet you and share a few secret tips and tricks about high school life. They can show you where all of the restrooms are, where your classes might be, how to dodge traffic zones during passing periods, and much more. In addition, if you already know some older students at the high school, keep in mind that they will also be there to help.

At Los Al High School, there are hundreds of clubs, numerous elective classes and a variety of sports to choose from. Your freshman year is the ground level for your four-year journey of building on your passions and talents. Use any opportunity that is presented to you, and, if you hate it, then you do not need to do it again. But if you love it, do not just throw it away after you are done; try it again and again, because it might be your next great adventure in life.

During the first week of high school, the workload will likely be light in most of your classes. However, as the year progresses, homework will increase. Organization and memory are key components of staying on top of your game in high school. If you don’t write down a certain test date, you won’t know to study for it beforehand. If your backpack is cluttered with papers and you do not have something to keep organized, it will be difficult to find notes and assignments when needed. At the beginning of the year, you will be given a planner notebook from one of your teachers- here is where you can write down your homework, projects, upcoming tests, and anything else you need to remember.

If your life was a book series, then perhaps your time in elementary school would be the first book; middle school would be the second. Now, you are turning to a new blank page to begin writing your next book, the next chapter of your thrilling saga. You do not know every new character yet, only the setting. There is not a conflict introduced yet and you have not even really begun rising action. The climax is still too far away, and you have no idea what the resolution will look like. All you know is that this story may be your most exciting one yet, which is quite something to look forward to.