LAHS Ask a Griffin Column Q&A

Bella Kim, Advisor

Q: For AP Computer Science, do you have to have any experience in coding to join the class?

A: The requirement to take AP computer science is a teacher recommendation, but since it is an AP class, Intro to Computer Science should be taken first if you lack experience. Intro to Computer Science’s prerequisite is “A timed writing score of at least 25 wpm or certification from middle school,” according to the LAHS Curriculum Handbook. 

Q: Can we bring people from out of district to the dance?

A: Yes and no. For some on campus dances, like Homecoming, you must present your school ID at the entrance, but people from other schools can attend the winter formal with a parent-signed permission form. 

Q: What do you do on the high school cheer team?

A: Freshman Sydney Mastick, on Los Al’s junior varsity cheer team, answers, “We do a lot of [stunts] during practice and occasionally add in jumps and tumbling. Right now we are getting ready for competition season, but before this it was preparation for football games. It’s a lot of fun, but a lot of effort.”

Q: What are the high school choirs? What performances do they do?

A: LAHS has seven choirs. Two are beginning choirs, Xtreme (boys only) and Axcent (girls only). Two are intermediate, Xquisite (girls only) and Connexions. Sound FX, Soundtrax (girls only) and Xpressions are the advanced choirs. Sophie Lu, a freshman in Soundtrax and Connexions, explains that ninth graders usually get into the intermediate choirs. “We do four shows a year, broadway, holiday, spotlight and pops show, plus […] competitions in March.” Advanced choirs attend national competitions in Nashville, Tennessee at the end of March. They perform three to four songs at shows, while intermediate choirs perform two. 

Q: How do you survive with school starting so early?

A: Waking up to go to school at 7:50 takes getting used to, but late start Wednesdays help enormously. Wednesdays start at 8:32 when teachers have morning meetings, which lets students sleep in longer. However, next year high schools are required to start no earlier than 8:30 by Senate Bill 328. 

Q: Is it stressful?

A: High school can be stressful, especially on days with heavy homework loads and before tests, so staying on top of work and not letting it pile up is vital. It is also important to know when to take a break when feeling overwhelmed.