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  • ASB Mask Competition is this Friday, 9/25 directly after 7th period in the ODAT. Don't miss it!
  • Welcome Back McAuliffe Eagles! Hybrid schedule starts Tuesday, September 22.

2019-2020 Staff

Staff Member
Nathan YeeSee Nathan Yee's profile
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Emma ViscontiSee Emma Visconti's profile
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Mona TaylorSee Mona Taylor's profile
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Ava SwietlikowskiSee Ava Swietlikowski's profile
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Ivy SowersSee Ivy Sowers's profile
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Jacob SincockSee Jacob Sincock's profile
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Payton RofeSee Payton Rofe's profile
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Serenity PowellSee Serenity Powell's profile
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Heather PhillipsSee Heather Phillips's profile
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Logan PeiSee Logan Pei's profile
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Nathan OtazuSee Nathan Otazu's profile
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Daniel PadillaSee Daniel Padilla's profile
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Matthew LimSee Matthew Lim's profile
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Jasmine LeeSee Jasmine Lee's profile
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Ethan LeeSee Ethan Lee's profile
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Dana KimSee Dana Kim's profile
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Caroline KernsSee Caroline Kerns's profile
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Meaghan FishSee Meaghan Fish's profile
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Maleah FennesseySee Maleah Fennessey's profile
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Hala EssayliSee Hala Essayli's profile
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Joshua DuranSee Joshua Duran's profile
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Ryder DoddSee Ryder Dodd's profile
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Kedric DelaneySee Kedric Delaney's profile
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Ally CrosbySee Ally Crosby's profile
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Marcus AnhSee Marcus Anh's profile
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