Get to Know Ms. Manly


Ms. Manly

Ms. Manly in her classroom.

Madison Norberg, Staff Writer

Hello Eagles, this week’s staff of the week is Ms. Manly! Ms. Manly teaches science, Core and history. She grew up in Long Beach and went to school at LAHS. Some hobbies and interests of hers are traveling, cooking/baking and watching football. Two fun facts about Ms. Manly are that she went to McAuliffe and she collects teacups. Ms. Manly set up Abilities Awareness Week last week to represent all of the unique students and adults all around the world. Ridge Romani, one of Ms. Manly’s students,  stated, “…everyday she has so many students to make sure they’re doing good and… [whenever] I see her, she is always helping someone.” Overall, Ms. Manly gives so many opportunities to students all around campus!