Thank You Eagles: A Tribute To My Years At McAuliffe

Nathan Yee, Staff Writer and Copy Editor

Thank you Eagles. Thank you McAuliffe. Thank you teachers. Thank you for all the memorable and unforgettable events I got to experience. From sixth grade to eighth grade, I always felt at home here at McAuliffe, and as I now begin my new journey as a highschooler, I will never forget the fun memories I created with my friends and peers. 

In sixth grade I made friends with a bunch of different amazing people as I began my middle school journey. I remember the good old days when we would hang out at lunch finishing the homework that we procrastinated on doing. I remember going to the Aquarium of the Pacific with friends for CJSF. But most of all, I remember being in awe of the new school which I would call my home for the next three years. 

In seventh grade, I remember staying up late finishing the NoRedInk and I remember editing the video for my Chinese invention project in history. I remember learning all about volcanoes and hotspots in science. Not only did I learn so much in seventh grade, but I also added so many memories to my middle school portfolio.

In eighth grade, I remember always contemplating the fact that I was growing up and soon leaving McAuliffe. I remember writing stories in journalism and learning all about delivering speeches. I remember the long days I thought I would never get through. Lastly, I remember how our year got cut short due to the coronavirus pandemic, and how we all had to stay home for months. 

Eagles, I will never forget everything I learned and I accomplished these past few years. Through the ups-and-downs of this crazy journey, remember to be yourself, try your best, and never be afraid to dream.