The Clout Wars: Daisy Keech vs. Thomas Petrou


Source: Skepsiz

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Nathan Yee, Staff Writer and Copy Editor

Fans from all different media platforms are all quickly picking sides as two of the most popular media influencers, Daisy Keech and Thomas Petrou, start a legal battle concerning the future of the hype house, a mansion owned by TikTok and Youtube’s brightest stars.

On March 28th, Daisy Keech released a video titled, “Truth about The Hype House” where she dropped major details “exposing” the co-founders of The Hype House and the manager of The Hype House, Thomas Petrou. In the same video, she had mentioned how Petrou and the other co-founders had allegedly tried to take advantage of her and her money. Keech mentioned how she was one of the only co-founders able to place a downpayment on the house due to her income and backed this up by claiming that she had “receipts” for those payments.

On a more personal level, Keech had also accused Petrou of manipulating her in order to convince other trending creators to join and even spread rumors about her behind her back. 

For many days after Keech’s video was posted, Petrou had received backlash from fans and followers to the point where he had even begun disabling comments on his TikTok and YouTube videos. 

In response to Keech’s video attempting to expose him, he had posted his own video titled, “The REAL Truth About The Hype House” where he responds to Keech’s accusations and claims that she was making most of it up.

A week after Keech and Petrou’s dispute videos were posted, Keech announced that she would be creating her own version of the Hype House, Clubhouse, a new collaborative space for selected creators run by Keech and her best friend and fellow TikTok star, Abby Rao.

Abigail Yee, a sixth-grader at McAuliffe Middle School states, “I think that Thomas seemed more genuine in his video.” 

Nathan Kwon, an eighth-grader at McAuliffe Middle School states, “I think that Daisy was right to make a video about what happened.”

Although the dispute appears to be fading away like all influencer drama, speculation is still going around that both Keech and Petrou will soon be facing serious legal trouble as Keech’s lawyers prepare for a full-on legal battle in court.