Boba – A Tea-licious Trend

Nathan Yee, Staff Writer and Copy Editor

Bubble tea, better known as boba, has flooded internet and mainstream media sites such as Instagram, Reddit and Snapchat, as customers from all over the world are taking pictures and videos of their “kawaii” drinks. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the trendy drink, it’s just tea, flavoring and a handful of tapioca pearls. So, what makes this seemingly simple drink so popular?  For most people, it’s all in the texture. Ria Vicente, a boba-lover and eighth grade student here at McAuliffe Middle School says, “It has a really delicious taste and texture. It’s a perfect treat no matter the weather. On a cold day, the warm bobas can make you happy, while on a hot day, boba with a cold drink is the perfect way to enjoy any day.” 

Another eighth-grader, Jonathan Reyes states, “The boba part has really good texture and makes me like [tea] more than I normally would.” 

Although boba seems to have taken the world by storm, there are people out there who still haven’t acquired the taste for the drink. Charles Villegas, another eighth-grader at McAuliffe states, “It’s gross. The tea is okay, but the actual boba is slimy and disgusting.” 

Even though most people would assume that boba is a pretty modern drink, the origin of boba actually started in the 80s. The concept of boba began as a local drink in Taiwan. However, as soon as news spread about the drink, boba shops like Ding Tea, 7 Leaves and Boba Bar opened up all around the world. 

With millions of fans and shops popping up everywhere, boba has clearly established its dominance over other popular drinks. It has proven itself through the test of time and its many fans. Boba is truly the drink of the modern era.