Walking the Globe


Source: Simon Migaj

A man sits on a dock on a lake surrounded by mountains.

Maleah Fennessey, Staff Writer

As almost everyone would tell you, traveling is a wonderful experience. With everything from new cultures, new foods, new places to see and even new air to breathe, traveling is an ever-entertaining series of “firsts” that exposes you to other cultures.

Think about your last vacation. One of the best things about traveling to new places is the memories you make there. Having more happy memories than negative ones does beneficial service to your long-term mental health and remembering how much you liked an experience will lead you to try it again, thus making you even happier.

Traveling can take you to the most beautiful places in the world, natural and man-made. Wildlife varies from place to place, so seeing a plant that doesn’t grow where you live, like the Chocolate Cosmos flower in Mexico, or a rare animal, like the Indonesian Tarsier, in its natural habitat is completely possible. Visit Chichen Itza to see what the Aztecs created, or travel to France and visit Mont Saint-Michel, dubbed a UNESCO world heritage site for its intact medieval village and religious significance. If you’re interested in architecture, try the Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine in Japan, St. Peter’s Cathedral in Russia, or India’s Chand Baori. 

To start traveling more often, you need to be prepared. For those who are traveling abroad, make sure that you have a passport and get transportation arranged ahead of time. Although most of these details will be taken care of by your parents, it’s always advisable to help and get involved. You also need to know what you are packing for your trip. It won’t be as enjoyable if you forget a phone charger or a toothbrush! 

Lastly, Mina Savittieri, a seventh-grader at McAuliffe Middle School, has some advice for an enjoyable plane ride. “…when you’re going to be flying, no matter how long, wear comfy clothes. You never want to be uncomfortable during a flight.”

Don’t let fear or nerves hold you back. As seventh-grader Riley Romero would put it, “You only live once…travel to wherever pleases you.”