“Once On This Island Jr.” ‒ A Story You Can’t Miss


Source: Nathan Yee

Cast of “Once on This Island” rehearsal after school in the MPR.

Nathan Yee, Staff Writer

As the date for the school musical, “Once on This Island Jr.” creeps up, the more nerve-wracking the rehearsals become for the cast of the heart-wrenching story. 

The story takes place in the Caribbean and tells the tale of Ti Moune, a young peasant girl who falls in love with a rich boy from the other side of the island.

Hayley Dunn, one of the stars in the musical tells us, “The story is great because it teaches the theme of love and sadness at the same time.¨

“One of the best things I like about being in the play is meeting everyone,” says Dunn. Dunn tells us that she’s met a lot of new people and has become close to the cast of  “Once on This Island Jr.” “Everyone is just so nice, and it’s just great.” Dunn says.

Another main cast member, Brooke Singleton exclaimed, “I really enjoy rehearsals; everyone has a passion for theater and singing.” 

“Once on This Island Jr.” showcases its first debut in the MPR on November 6th. Dunn tells us, “ I really recommend everyone to watch the play. All of the cast members have been working really hard to put it together.” The drama and choir kids have been spending weeks rehearsing and practicing lines for their big day.

Although the play starts in less than a week, Dunn, Singleton and the rest of the cast can’t wait to share the unique story of  “Once on This Island Jr. ” to the rest of the school.