The Birdwatch

  • What motivates me to not do drugs is the consequences that will happen to me if I do drugs.
  • I'm motivated by the hope of going to college and being successful in life.
  • Knowing that it could kill me and if my friends do it I could lose them keeps me drug free.
  • Knowing that the longer I live the more I can care and give animals a good home keeps me drug free.
  • What motivates me to be drug-free is that I don't want to end up on the streets or get addicted .
  • I want to be a major league baseball player and you can not be on drugs to get there so that is what motivates me to stay drug-free.
  • The fact that your life can change so quickly with just a little bit of a drug motivates me to be drug-free.
  • My family motivates me to be drug-free.
  • The future is what motivates me to be drug-free.
  • The life I have ahead of me and the athlete I want to continue to be keeps me drug free.
  • ASB Mask Competition is this Friday, 9/25 directly after 7th period in the ODAT. Don't miss it!
  • Welcome Back McAuliffe Eagles! Hybrid schedule starts Tuesday, September 22.
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