Big Boy Skateboarding

Jordan Guerrero about to do a kickflip.

Ethan Lee

Jordan Guerrero about to do a kickflip.

Ethan Lee, Staff Writer and Copy Editor

Skateboarding is one of the most stimulating sports in the world. There are many things you can do like going to the skatepark or riding around the streets. Skating is also a way to hang out with your friends and create cool new tricks. 

Mrs. Vienna, the assistant principal at McAuliffe, has provided new skateboard racks, so kids can ride their skateboards to school. Mrs.Vienna says that she made them because most kids had skateboards as their only option of transportation. The skateboard racks cost $1,400! Mrs. Vienna has skated before and claims that she is goofy and she can only do one trick, fall. 

Jordan Guerrero states, “Skateboarding is fun once you get the feel of it and know how to ride it.” Guerrero has been skating for two months and he already knows how to do an ollie, frontside 180, pop shuvit, and kickflip. He says that it is entertaining riding at the skatepark with his brother, Jaden. Guerrero rated skating a nine out of ten. He says it is frustrating because the difficult tricks are hard to learn. But overall, he enjoys skating and learning new tricks. 

There are people who like to skate for entertainment, but there are also other people who skate for competition. There are competitions where skaters go on a halfpipe and judges rate them on a scale of one to ten. There are prizes and winners can earn a great amount of money. Most skaters enjoy skating around their neighborhood or at a skatepark; they like to do tricks and capture videos. Most people think of skateboarding as a pleasant way to spend their time.