Minecraft Mayhem

The Minecraft world.

Stretch_33, Flickr

The Minecraft world.

Marcus Anh, Staff Writer

Minecraft was created on May 17, 2009, and many people loved to play it. Then, just like all the games, it slowly went “out-of-date.” Now, in 2019, everyone is talking about it again.

Minecraft has been a high-quality video game for many people, and it is a great way to explore the digital world. In Minecraft, you are allowed to explore freely and are allowed to craft many different things including a pickaxe, swords, armor, and a fishing rod. All of these items can help you survive in the dangers of Minecraft. Also, you can create all of these items with different materials like gold, iron, diamonds, stone, and most importantly, wood. The objective is to destroy the Ender Dragon and other dangerous mythical creatures. Dylan Anh, a freshman at Los Alamitos High School states, “The game is very balanced and is a good way to entertain yourself and play with others.”

In Minecraft, survival is not the only objective; you can also play a game mode called creative. In creative, you can do things at your free will. You can spawn creatures and get a variety of cool items. 

Other than creative, you can play online servers to play different kinds of games like bed wars. In bed wars, the objective is to destroy the opponent’s bed. You should gather resources to help defend your bed as well because the opposing team can destroy it. 

Minecraft has always been a great game to act freely and wander around in this interesting, geometric world. This game offers freedom to all players, and the answer to why people stopped playing it remains unclear. If you want to better understand the Minecraft phenomenon, try playing it yourself.