How Many Cameras Does it Have?


Andy Feliciotti

The iPhone 11 Pro in all of its glory.

Logan Pei, Staff Writer and Copy Editor

On September 20, 2019, Apple released the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. It has bright new features, add-ons and an additional camera to go with it.

When the iPhone 11 was first released, there were at least ten million pre-orders, and Apple was selling out. The total shipments of the iPhone were upwards of 55 million. When people bought or pre-ordered the iPhone 11, they got to choose between five different colors: black, white, purple, green and yellow.

Anthony Argueta, an eighth-grader at McAuliffe Middle School stated, “The colors are pretty cool.” The iPhone 11 Pro buyers got to pick from space gray, silver, gold and midnight green. 

For the price of $699, Apple buyers get a lot more features and an all-new look. The most obvious feature is the third camera, which is only for the iPhone 11 Pro. Some of the other features are the liquid retina display, water resistance for up to two meters deep, 64 gigabytes of storage and a longer battery life than the iPhone XR. With its A13 chip, it has fast connections and will load files quickly.

If you are considering buying this, it is a great deal. You get an all-new tech, a variety of features, and of course, the newest and most recent iPhone.