Everybody Wins!



This image represents a swimming pool that would be used in an earthing competition.

Payton Rofe, Copy Editor and Staff Writer

Earthing is a new sport created by Mark Aaron Saus. This sport combines the two most spectated Olympic events, running and swimming. The earthing champion is the fastest human on earth to run on land and swim through water. Additionally, earthing is the first sport dedicated to supporting the environment and wildlife. This sport was created in Denmark in the summer of 2013 and people who compete in this event are called earthletes. 

In the long course, earthletes run a 60-meter sprint on land, dive through the air and swim 50 meters through water. However, in the short course, they run 30 meters, dive through the air and swim 25 meters through water. In this sport, you are allowed to move at your own pace and everybody wins. Earthing requires determination, strength, and grit. 

Furthermore, the earthing competitions are held at least once a month in Denmark. The competitors get to choose what they want to ¨Earth¨ for, such as helping oceans, rain forests wildlife or climate change. Earthletes win by getting a chance to give back to the Earth. Lastly, even kids are allowed to participate in these competitions. Sophia Bugarin states,”I would gladly participate in this sport. It is even better that I can do it now.” All earthletes win in this game, and they all get a chance to give back to the Earth.