Football Intramurals


Mr. Robinson and Mr. Maffett

2019-2020 7th grade Intramural Champions.

Kedric Delaney, Staff Writer

At McAuliffe Middle School, flag football intramurals have concluded. This is when students participate in football with the best players in the school for a chance to be the next champion, or to just have fun. 

Many students participate in flag football intramurals, and many also complain about the rules and the fact that there is no referee. According to Brandon Bang, “Not having a ref changes the game because the opponents can lie about the call and there [is] nobody there to see it.” This means that not having a ref can change the whole game in a positive or negative way. For example, you can change the rules slightly to win.

Now, even more people are playing because if your team wins the championship, each member of the team gets a dry-fit T-shirt that says, “Mcauliffe Middle School Intramural Champions,” which you can wear in P.E.

The intramurals’ experience can also improve your friendships, according to Bang. He has fun playing with his friends and teammates, even when losing, because they still have a chance to win next year.

Additionally, intramurals football has many different parts to it. Rules sometimes change and there can be arguments about calls.

Mr. Maffett, the teacher who runs intramurals, says, “It gets a lot of kids out being active at lunch, and once, there were 180 students participating.” Even Mr. Robinson says,  “More students play because they pick their own teams.”

All in all, intramurals football lets students have fun and allows them to play football in a safe environment like school.