5 Great Ways to Spend Your Summer


Nathan Tang, Editor

As school comes to an end and summer approaches, many begin to plan what they want to do over the two-month break. Some people, however, don’t plan anything and plan to just stay home every day. So, here are five great ways to not waste your summer at home.

1. Stay at home. Although it was just mentioned to not stay home every day, staying home for a few days never hurt anyone. Staying home and bingeing a new show or playing video games always will be the easiest thing to do when you don’t feel like going out. Just relaxing in the comfort of your home always is the best feeling.

2. Go places with family and friends. Going out with people and having fun is also a great way to spend the summer. Heading to the theaters with family or going to a sleepover at your friend’s house, going outside is good for you. Heading to the beach and enjoying the heat can be very fun.

3. Take a road trip with family or friends. Going to new places or just revisiting old ones is a great way to pass the time. Going camping for a few nights with other people definitely will be exciting. Even just taking a day trip somewhere will for sure brighten your day.

4. Fly somewhere with family. Experiencing new places is always exciting. Exploring a new country can be frightening but overall is an amazing experience as you get to learn first-hand about the culture and the living conditions of the locals in this area. Depending on where you go you can learn certain phrases in a different language. Sightseeing popular locations like Big Ben in London or the Eiffel Tower in Paris is always spectacular.

5. Take summer classes. School may have just finished but that doesn’t mean that you can just shut off your brain. Learning part of the curriculum for the next year can get you ahead of everyone else. You can be at the top of your class for the first few weeks and be the smartest kid in class. Learning something new helps to improve your variety of skills. Having more skills means more ways to impress your friends or just help around the house.

Now that you know how to spend your summer, what will you do? Take a trip, learn a new skill, or stay home, the choice is yours as your journey continues.