Don’t Be Scared of Middle School!

Don’t Be Scared of Middle School!

Finley Wisehart, Reporter

Are you afraid of middle school? If so, we can help ease up that fear. I am your middle school mentor. When I first came to McAuliffe, I was scared too. However, at the beginning of the school year, you’re able to get guidance from our school counselors, teachers, and other students there who are all open to helping you to have the best middle school experience possible.

Firstly, if you’re worried about losing your schedule and not knowing where to go, here are some tips for you. During the summertime, right before the school year starts, at registration, you receive your schedule and you are able to walk around the school to see where all of your classes are. Another piece of advice to remember your schedule is to look in the front of your minder-binder where a map of the school is, and circle or fill in where all your classes are and in which order they are. Also, if you have a clear covering over your binder, then you can slip your schedule and the map of McAuliffe in it and carry it around so you know where to go.

Secondly, if you are afraid that you might forget your locker combination or that someone will flip your lock, here is some advice. One way to ensure that you don’t forget your locker combination is to keep the paper that it comes with that says your code on it in a pocket or something that is easy to access when needed. It is a simple solution to keeping your lock the right way throughout the whole year. When you close your lock, make sure that you hear a click or you can tug on it a little to make sure that it will not budge and someone will not flip it.

I asked Piper Wisehart, soon to be a 6th grader at McAuliffe, what are you most worried about for middle school she replied, “I am afraid of getting detention.”

Furthermore, here at McAuliffe, we have what we call “The Big Seven”. The big seven consist of being tardy/late to class, gum chewing/littering, inappropriate language/teasing/taunting, cell phone/inappropriate technology use, disrespect, disruptive behavior/horseplay. However, these are very preventable. The most rule violation is being tardy/late to class. To prevent this, make sure to watch the clock when going from class to class.

Now you know that there is no reason to stress over becoming a McAuliffe Eagle. As long as you follow my tips for being a middle schooler, you will be just fine for school next year in the fall.