Behind the Scenes of ASB


Jillian Hale, Reporter

When you think of ASB, what do you think of? Maybe it’s the events, games, posters, heritage months, fundraisers, etc. but have you ever wondered about the process to put this all together?

ASB stands for Associated Student Body. It is the McAuliffe student government, we approve the school budget through budget meetings run by our two Co-Presidents. There are Monday Meetings each week that go over what is happening in our school and what ASB will be doing that week.

The first committee, Community Service is run by Alyssa Mathews. Community Service organizes service projects, the beginning of the year FUNdraiser, runs lawn games during sixth-grade lunch, along with planning the ASB class potlucks. According to director Alyssa, “I’ve enjoyed every moment of my two years in ASB and have been lucky enough to work with some great students the past two years. Some of the things we’ve done this year are selling succulents for Mother’s Day and writing letters to first responders.”

Next is Spirit and Activities, run by Abbie Hennessey. They plan spirit weeks, planning dress-up days, make posters hung up around campus, chalk the campus, and run fun lunch events. According to director Abbie, she stated, “My favorite part of being a director is getting to instruct a group of kids who are just as passionate as me about making our school a better place.”

The third committee is DEI. DEI is run by Madison Quary. DEI plans heritage months and shows movies at lunch highlighting each heritage. This group focuses on creating a more diverse and accepting campus for all by making others feel welcome by highlighting their heritage and religion! According to director Madison, she stated “My favorite part of being a director is having a committee of people who are so welcoming of one another and now are like a family to each other. Over time our weaknesses became strengths with practice and dedication.”

The next committee, Recognition, is run by me, Jillian Hale. Recognition is the committee that does Teacher, Staff, and Eagle of the Week. They also celebrate the birthdays of Teachers and ASB students. Some other things are Committee of the Month, Eagle Express Card drawing, and Appreciation days. According to a Recognition member Karina Avakian she says “I love being in ASB because I get to use my creativity to recognize everyone on campus.”

The final committee, Multimedia is run by Nathan Tang. Multimedia makes Monday Morning Announcements, posts on the birdwatch, and makes the highlight sheet. Director Nathan says, “Being in charge of a committee is great because I know what is happening and what needs to get done in what order.”

Our two co-presidents are Emma Michael and Maddie Heenan. Emma oversees Community Service, and Recognition, while Maddie oversees Spirit and Activities and DEI. Our ASB Adviser Ms. Bellendir oversees Multimedia. One of the co-presidents Emma Michael says “Being a Co-President is a really good experience. It’s really fun and exciting and you don’t even realize the extra work you’re doing. Maddie the second president says “I like being a president because I get to help lead Spirit and Activities and DEI, which plan fun activities for the students to participate in.”

Everyone in ASB is hard-working and always on top of things. They are the reason behind everything that happens around campus. Students create hand-made posters all by themselves. Students host and run lunch and out-of-school events. Students produce and edit the morning announcement video. ASB is way more than just fun, lunchtime events.