Liam Garner: Transcontinental Teen Cyclist


Chloe Hawkins, Reporter

From August 2021 to January 2023, 19-year-old Liam Garner biked across 20,000 miles, from Alaska to Argentina. Before beginning this journey, Liam did not think of cycling as a hobby. As he said in a NowThis interview,People need to realize I’m not some crazy special person. I’m not some crazy athlete. You know, anyone can do what I’m doing. You just have to start.” 

When the expedition began, Liam was only 17 and had just graduated high school. From NowThis, “I always knew I didn’t want to go to college immediately. The idea of running away for some extended amount of time has always been appealing to me.” Garner chose to bike across the Pan-American Highway. This is a road that connects the countries from North to South America. Because of Liam’s age, this would make him the youngest in the world to complete this trek. 

Though, this journey wasn’t as peaceful as people think it is. He was robbed five separate times, having his mom help him sort himself after. The teen’s parents were disapproving at first, but then they eventually became his biggest supporters. Through the places Liam has biked, they include some of the most dangerous places in South America, including Salvador. Incidents like animals destroying his tent, having his entire tent and belongings stolen, and far worse has occurred. Because of these events, Liam even had to seek refuge from a supporting family to gain health from the treacherous journey and stay in the hospital, taking his record back a month.


All in all, this impressive teen has done something that people will look at in awe. The fact that Garner, a normal teenager who originally, and still, doesn’t have an interest in biking did this, will inspire future generations to do great things.