Roller Skating Night


Max Regnier and Phie Ward, Reporter

A few weeks ago Mrs. LeTourneau and CJSF hosted a skating night in cooperation with ASB and Make a Wish Club in Fountain Valley on May 8th from 6-8 P.M. Many students showed up and was a super fun event. The skate night also raised tons of money for Make a Wish Club and CJSF. The theme of the skate night was to pick your favorite decade. Most people picked the 90’s!

The entry for the skate night was $9 and the money raised would go towards the Make-a-Wish Club. The night was full of fun games and tournaments with chances to win prizes. They even had music like the Cha-Cha. One of the games was a skating contest where the participants would race from the beginning to the end of the rink. The winners would receive a small drink from the concession stand.

The night was a blast, except for the concussion. The student was skating and fell on his head with no helmet. Always make sure to be cautious of your surroundings!

We interviewed Mrs. LeTourneau, who helped make the event happen and rented out the rink. We asked her what her favorite part of the skate night was, and she told us, “My favorite part was how many kids showed up, and how having everyone there brought us eagles together as one whole school.”

All in all, the event was super exciting and all the teachers and students had a great time skating with their friends. Since it was hit, we hope to try this event again next year so the students who didn’t have time to make it can have another chance!