Mother’s Day

Gillian Willis, Reporter

    This Mother’s Day, ASB hosted an event where students were able to purchase a succulent for $3. Students donated these succulents the week before to celebrate Earth Day. After collecting the donations, ASB’s Community Service committee planted and potted each succulent by hand to prepare for the event.

Community service worked hard to paint, plant and pot the succulents that were kindly donated to us to sell for Mothers Day!
In this photo we were sorting through the succulents and preparing them to be potted.
In this first picture, you can see Chloe Hawkins planting the painted succulents.
This second picture is of a finished bin ready to be sold.
The is a example of what the succulents look like after being planted in painted pots.
From May 9 – May 11 during both lunches, we brought out the succulents to be sold.
We started off with all table full of succulents and student eager to by their mothers a gift!
We sold many succulents throughout the week to students, teachers and staff.

Overtime, the number available dwindled as more students and faculty bought the succulents.
A large portions of the money made will be donated to Wildlife Warrior a charity that works to protect wildlife globally.