5 Tips for Studying


Nathan Tang, Editor

With the year coming to a close and teachers wrapping-up grades with a final test, here are some helpful tips to prepare for tests in all your classes and stay on top of everything.

1. Plan your studying ahead. Don’t cram all of your studying into one night before the test. Instead, try to spread your studying across a couple of days. Each day should be a different topic of study.

2. Set goals for yourself. This ties to the last tip, you should have a plan for what you want to accomplish each day. Having a plan helps manage your time better and be able to cover more content in the time you have.

3. Ask a friend or adult for help. Asking someone to help makes everything easier. Having a friend or adult can help you study by testing you and making sure you understand everything. Friends that have the same classes as you are more helpful as they know exactly what everything is about.

4. Find a productive and nondistracting space. Finding a quiet room with no distractions helps a lot. Keeping your phone away from where you are studying helps as you aren’t tempted to start scrolling on TikTok or texting your friends.

5. Take small breaks and reward yourself. Although you shouldn’t have your phone near you, taking a five-minute break from time to time can help refresh your mind. Walking around helps clear your mind and gets you moving around for a burst of energy.

Hope these tips help you ace all of your final tests for the year.