What Is the Leadership Club?


Megan Farmer, Reporter

ASB’s community service is hosting a leadership club for 6th graders who might be interested. The meetings have been in room 10 every Wednesday, and the 6th graders get to help ASB with posters, decorating campus, hosting events, and so much more.

Leadership club is an exciting new opportunity for all the sixth grades at McAuliffe Middle School. The club welcomes anyone interested in joining ASB next year and anyone wanting to be a campus leader. The kids who run the club are Megan Farmer, Gillian Willis, Chloe Hawkins, Claire Laskan, Finley Wisehart, and Alyssa Mathews. More kids are coming every week and would like to take part in this exciting opportunity to learn new things.

The club has done many things to help the school run smoothly. For example, the kids in this club have created slides to show all about themselves to practice poster skills, given a lecture on public speaking to present things, presented their “all about me” slides, worked at the Holi event, and helped create posters for everything ASB needs. There are more events this club will be hands-on with in the future, and at each meeting, the kids learn something new or practice the skills they have collected to become leaders.

To join the club, sixth graders can go to the meetings, but they don’t have to go to every meeting to still be in the club. It is not a big deal if someone misses a session or two, even if the club worked on something. There are always more opportunities for kids to participate in club activities, and even if you have intramurals, you can still be in the club.

The club’s leaders are very enthusiastic and love running the club. When asked about what her favorite part of the club is, Claire Laskan, a leader of the club, replied saying, “I enjoy teaching 6th graders about ASB so maybe they will join next year! The club is well-behaved, and the opportunities given to these kids are amazing and should be shared with every kid on the McAuliffe’s campus.”

ASB is the associated student body at McAuliffe Middle School. Through this club, they give kids the opportunity to see what ASB does behind the scenes to provide fun experiences for the students at McAuliffe Middle School. Kids in the leadership club get to become part of ASB and have a great time while learning to be leaders on campus as well as how to use lifelong skills.

This is a call to all 6th graders to see what the fun is about and to let the leaders in our school get to do what they are passionate about. Join today!