McAuliffe 2023 Super Bowl Showdown


First lunch participants. Staff is featured on the left while the sixth grade team is on the right.

Aspen Natori, Reporter

McAuliffe’s Super Bowl event occurred on Friday, February 10th during both lunches in the quad. The two Super Bowl teams were the Eagles and the Chiefs, with sixth graders going against staff members during first lunch and a mix of seventh and eighth graders, and staff members facing each other during second lunch. The team that could throw the most footballs into their hoop by the end of the five minutes would win.

The amazing McAuliffe teachers and staff got a chance to play and those participants were Mrs. Hearn, Mrs. Barnett, Mr. Bay, Ms. Knight, Mr. Hammond, and Swihart during first lunch, and Mr.Buhl, Mr. Pagett, Mr. Happoldt, and Ms. Gardea during second lunch. Not only were there teachers, but many of the school’s most talented football players participated as well.

Throughout both games the scores were close. In the sixth grade game the teachers tried to hold their ground, but eventually the sixth graders took over and crushed them. 

During the seventh and eighth grade lunch, both teams were selected by team captains, Tim Wurmlinger and Caden Chavez. Wurmlinger was the captain for the Chiefs and Chavez was the captain for the Eagles. Although this game was close, the Chiefs managed to get on top and began to get ahead. Meanwhile, the Eagles team got a little out of hand due to their lack of patience and cooperation. 

For the final score during the seventh and eighth grade lunch the Chiefs maintained their lead and won the competition! All participants on the winning team received In-N-Out gift cards. 

When asked what the best part of the event was, seventh grader Marlie Merril stated, “the Super Bowl event was fun, and the people were awesome. I loved the candy.”

To conclude, everyone watching and participating seemed to have a lot of fun and ASB cannot wait until next year to do it all again! Congratulations to the winning teams and thank you to all players for participating.