Congratulations Bud Jones; Hero Of The Heart 2022


Karina Avakian, Reporterr

Bud Jones, our McAuliffe campus supervisor, is awarded 2022 Hero Of The Heart at the Los Alamitos District Board Meeting. 

Bud has been a loyal and well-loved part of the McAuliffe campus since 2012. He is always willing to work long hours and is always available.  He is passionate about working with kids and has been in the business for a long time. Starting with the Long Beach School District and moving on to being a deputy sheriff for Orange County, Bud worked with adolescents in the juvenile justice system. He then returned to working on school campus’ with LAUSD in 2012 and has been working with us ever since. 

When presented with this award, Bud was shocked and extremely grateful. He had started to walk away thinking the award was to be given to a parent. Upon hearing his name, he smiled excitedly and came back over, realizing that they were waiting for him. Bud is so grateful to get to work at McAuliffe every day and has dedicated his life to keeping students safe. 

On campus, Bud loves all of his co-workers and looks up to them for guidance. He is good friends with Mr. (Don) Hammond, the lead custodian on campus. Bud admires how Mr. Hammond always works hard to keep our campus clean and beautiful.

Bud is proud of himself for being awarded this honor and says that his mom and teachers were very important to him growing up. He is inspired by them every morning and looks forward to serving the community just like they did. Additionally, Bud is grateful for his health, which he says is definitely a contributing factor to his long career at McAuliffe. 

Congratulations Bud! We greatly appreciate your hard work and dedication to keeping our students safe.