Winter Wonderland at McAuliffe


Ava Bousard, Reporter

Next week December 19-22, McAuliffe will be decked out in holiday spirit! McAuliffe students will be dressing up in various holiday-themed outfits, and participating in multiple holiday events.

Each day next week students have the opportunity to show off their best holiday fits with our spirit week! On Monday, December 19, students will wear plaid. Tuesday, December 20, stay cozy in a holiday sweater! On Wednesday, December 21, it’s pajama day! And finally, on Thursday December 22, students will bring the holiday spirit by wearing holiday headwear!

When asked, “What spirit day are you most excited for?” McAuliffe seventh grade student Aubrey Stevens said, “Pj day because I want to be comfy.”

McAuliffe ASB will also offer a couple holiday-themed lunch events next week for students to participate in. The first event will be the candy cane limbo. This event will be held on Thursday, December 22 at lunch. Students will have the opportunity to win a prize by participating in the event. Winners will receive a prize bag with candy and a gift card. This game’s rules are the same as regular limbo, except the bar will be a giant candy cane.

Next, the second holiday event is the snowball fight. This event is also going to be held on Thursday, December 22 in the quad at lunch. The snowballs are not made of real snow, but it will still be a ton of fun. Students will be split into two teams and each team will have their own side on the court. The students will be given a set amount of time in which they throw as many snowballs to the other side as possible. At the end of the game, the team with the least amount of snowballs on their side wins. The winning team will receive candy prizes.

When seventh grade student Leah Hanna was asked, “Which event are you more excited for?” she responded with the snowball fight because it sounds more exciting.

Get ready eagles, McAuliffe will be a very festive place during the week of December 19-22, and thank you to the ASB/Leadership students for putting these events on.