The Night of Music


Kash Kupfer, Reporter

On Wednesday, December 5,  McAuliffe’s band performed their longawaited concert in the MPR.  Upon entering the campus, lines of excited people crowded the MPR, all waiting for one common thing, music! Once every guest was given a ticket, they were seated accordingly. When the perfomance began, the band welcomed the audience with their pleasant sounds and complex songs.

After the performance, we caught up with Kai Saier and conducted an interview with him.

BW: What instrument do you play?

Kai: The base clarinet.

BW: How long have you been playing the bass clarinet?

Kai: For 2 years so far.

BW: Do you play any other instruments?

Kai: No, not really.

BW: What is a good first instrument to play?

Kai: The drums.

It was exhilarating to be on the stage with all of McAuliffe’s bands. When you first walked in, you smelled the Christmas trees and heard the symphony of the band. There were also many students and parents watching the performance. I interviewed a mother by the name of Christen.

BW: Are you enjoying the show tonight?

Christen: Yes, I am.

BW: Who are you here to see?

Christen: My daughter Isabella.

BW: What has been your favorite part of the show so far tonight?

Christen: My favorite part has been watching all the kids do a very good job.

Additionally, the school sold tons of refreshments at the snack stand, including chips, soda, and waters for one dollar each. These funds go directly to our McAuliffe music department. I hope everyone who went to the band proformance had a good time and if you missed it, make sure you attend next time.