Ms. Gardea’s Big Move


Source: Mona Taylor

Mr. Thomson and his student teacher, Ms. Gardea.

Kash Kupfer, Reporter

Ms. Gardea is a great teacher but sadly for all the kids who have her for her 3 core classes, she is going to 8th-grade history. Ms. Gardea is one of the nicest teachers and staff on campus. She had to be a long-term sub for Dr. Desbro. I have talked to a lot of students about Ms. Gardea leaving and all of them are very sad about it because she is such a great teacher. I am in her core 3 class and she is super nice to me and everyone else in the class. She is helpful and dedicated to helping her students. She also has a stamp reward system which makes kids excited to learn and go to class. My fellow classmates and I are going to miss Ms. Gardea greatly.

I have also interviewed Delilah Mendoza I ask her “Are you sad about miss Gardea leaving?” She said yes, she and her whole class is sad. Then I ask her what her favorite part about Miss Gardea she said “I like how she communicates with me and other students and I like the J Hope cut out in her room” she also said, “Kids are very sad that she has to take the J Hope cut out to her new class.” Then I asked her, “Did you like the stamp system?” She said she loves the stamp system and the raffle was a really fun time and fair because one person put in 19 stamps and another student put in 2 stamps and the student with 2 stamps won.

Then I talk to Ms. Gardea herself and this is what she said she is teaching her new class in 8th grade U.S. History is going really well, and there are different personalities between 7th and 8th graders. She says that she is going to get more accustomed to these different personalities. She misses her old classes in 7th grade, and it was really hard to leave them. Ms. Gardea joined 8th-grade history since Mrs. Miller left to be the principal at Rossmoor for a little bit. She stated that the favorite part of her old classes was the funny personalities. She says that she will not be returning to her old classes.

We are going to miss Ms. Gardea very much and It was so fun having her as my teacher when I did.