Tutorial – A New Way of School


Katelin Tang, Reporter

Tutorial is a new schedule that every student will be going to on Wednesdays. If you have been going to school, then you would know that on Wednesday October 19, a new schedule called Tutorial started. Tutorial is a study hall built in to every student’s Wednesday schedule. All 7 classes that you would normally have are now 25 minutes. There are two Tutorials that you need to go to every Wednesday, Tutorial A and B. For sixth graders, Tutorial A is after seventh period, while for seventh and eighth graders, Tutorial A is after lunch. All three grades will be in Tutorial B at the same time.

Tutorial is meant to relieve the stress of students that ride the bus. Students that need to ride the bus can’t go any earlier then 8:30 AM, and have to leave right when school ends. Because of their challenging schedule, they aren’t able to go before or after school to do their work. With Tutorial, these students are able to do everything during a school time that doesn’t disturb them in class while they are doing something else. Tutorial reduces the amount of work bus students stress about.

For students that don’t ride the bus, Tutorial is meant as a way to help them get more work done without distractions. Most students get less work done at home than they would get done at school. Some students have sports after school which causes them to have less time to do homework, and keep up with assignments. Tutorial helps relieve the amount of work they have to do by building a period of time into their school day.

I was able to ask a few students what they thought about Tutorial and here are their responses.

Eliana Anteneh 7th

Q: Do you like Tutorial?

A: Yes, because it gives you time to do homework in school, so you’re not as busy at home, and you have more time for extra curriculars, and other activities.

Jack Smith 7th

Q: Do you like Tutorial?

A: I think it is a good time to use for homework, and it will get better as it goes on, because it isn’t perfect. It gives you time to work on homework at school with no distractions. While I am at home, I am not good at managing my time, and don’t get much done.