Ice Water on a Sunny Day


Katelin Tang, Author

After reaching our $75,000 donation goal, Dr. Weiss-Wright and the rest of the admin team had an ice bucket dumped over their head. You may ask why? Well, for students participating in the fundraiser, that meant that they accomplished their goal and earned all off the incentives that ASB set. Even though this was supposed to be a consequence for the admins, some students were jealous, and wanted to be dumped with ice cold water, since it was a hot and sunny day. Some teachers wanted to be apart of the fun ,and volunteered to help lift the buckets to pour water on the admins. Students only needed to reach $50,000 for the admins to do the ice bucket challenge, but they went over the needed amount and reached the school goal of $75,000. So, thank you to everyone who donated to the 99 Pledges fundraiser and made this all happen!

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