Pucker up Dr. Weiss-Wright!


Katelin Tang, Author

Thank you to everyone who donated to McAuliffe’s 99 Pledges fundraiser and got Dr. Weiss-Wright to kiss Piglet on Wednesday, September 7th!




Piglet and Dr. Weiss-Wright meeting for the very first time!

Dr. Weiss-Wright looking at the pig of his dreams!

Meet the owner, Cecil, of this majestic pig!

Dr. Weiss-Wright preparing to kiss his dream pig!

Ms. Martin prepping Piglet to get ready to kiss Dr. Weiss-Wright!

One of our ASB Birdwatch reporters (Demi Nguyen) taking pictures of Piglet!

Cute pictures of Piglet!

More pictures of Piglet on the McAuliffe runway!

Different angles of Piglet!

The first pig to become an official Eagle!