PEACE Week Announcement!


Above: A poster describing the different events for each day of PEACE Week, a poster with information about the art competition, an example of some of the bookmarks, and an example of one of the PEACE Week stickers.

Katie Arnoult, Editor

PEACE Week is on the week of Jan. 24-28! Here’s what’s happening:

PEACE Week stickers will be given out in your Core class on Monday, Jan. 24.

On Tuesday, during your history class, you can make your own quilt square that represents a culture that you come from! All of the quilt squares will be put together and will be displayed on campus.

You can participate in the PEACE Week Kahoot game in your history class. The semi-finals for the Kahoot game take place on Wednesday, and finals will be on Friday, after school in the MPR, as a Jeopardy! competition. Come and cheer on your friends during this fun trivia game!

There will be a bookmark booth at both lunches on Wednesday and Thursday in the Quad. Each bookmark has fun facts about a different culture from around the world.

The PEACE Week artistic representation competition is still on! Any art form is welcome, and all art is due on Jan. 26. ASB will pick which art piece best represents the theme “In diversity there is beauty and there is strength”. Some art submissions will be displayed during both lunches in the Quad at the bookmark booth. The prize for the competition is going to be a $50 gift card. To submit an art piece, go to your grade-level Google Classroom.

There are NO DRESS-UP DAYS. However, each day will have a different activity or event that you can participate in.