Get Your Sport On! McAuliffe Soccer Intramurals


Mr. Maffett

The 2021 seventh and eighth grade intramural champions. On the left side are the eighth-grade champions, and on the right side are the seventh-grade champions.

Kai Matsumoto, Staff Writer

The 2021-22 McAuliffe Intramurals are here, and everyone is getting their sport on!  During lunch, students can play sports like softball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, and more!  The latest intramural McAuliffe has done is soccer.

Intramurals are competitions within the school where students can compete against their friends and classmates in sports.  Once every team plays each other, students enter the playoffs where they can compete to win the Intramural Champions T-shirt.  The T-shirt can be worn during PE, and can also be used as bragging rights.

The champions of this year’s McAuliffe soccer intramurals for the eighth grade are Kenshi Pivernetz, Noah Garrison, Zach Leka, Christian Cruz, and Grant Fedre.  The champions of intramurals for the seventh grade are Felicity Nguyen, Leo Swietlikowski, Parker Hooykaas, Jerimiah Williams, and Campbell Stevens.

According to eighth-grader Pivernetz, “I loved intramurals because it was a fun time with friends.”

Students also like competing for the Intramural Champion T-Shirt, to show off to other students that they won an intramural sport.

“If it’s a sport we like or play, then it sounds interesting.  Also because you get a [Intramural Champion T-Shirt] you can wear to PE,” explains eighth-grader Giselle Brandao.

Intramurals are, and will always be an exciting way to compete with friends and get exercise.  With more intramural sports to be played soon, students are going to have a competitive time with their friends during lunch.