Mrs. Copeland- Teacher of the Week Q&A


McAuliffe mural.

Katie Arnoult and Heath Alferes

Q: What do you enjoy most about working at McAuliffe?

A: The good energy here. The teachers at McAuliffe are some of the most inspired and fresh educators that I have come across in my 25-year career. The students are well prepared for higher-level thinking and work very well together. The administration is super positive, supportive, and creative in finding ways to keep it interesting (aka. fun) for us teachers. It’s just a really good place to spend my days.

Q: Who or what inspired you to become a Core teacher?

A: My fifth-grade teacher, Mrs. Gates, was the first adult I witnessed validating what students/children had to say. In her class, we all mattered. So, in her honor, I passionately preach the power of voice. Each and every student has something to say that will make a difference in this world. Finding out how to articulate your thoughts, target your
audience, and getting your message out there is what I hope to empower in my students.

Q: What is your favorite book genre to read?

A: I never just read one book. I have a stack of about 5-7 on my nightstand that I choose from regularly.

Q: If you were not doing the job you did, what would you want to be and why?

A: I would be writing books or designing. I absolutely love design, especially furniture and textiles. To be honest, I’m starting to work with a coach on writing my first book right now.

Q: Do you have someone you look up to?

A: It may sound cheesy, but I admire people who smile every day. Life is not easy for anyone and it’s a choice to choose to be positive, spread good vibes, and laugh every day. Those are the people I admire the most.

Q: If you could meet any famous person or person from history, who would it be and why?

A: Jesus. I think he was a rockstar-human and had a good message that applies to all of humanity. If we all loved each other as much as we love ourselves, what an awesome world it would be!